Every love story ends with the two people cuddling into ever-after bliss



I am captivated by how people in love
just sort of mesh together. You see them
walking down the street and they
somehow look the same, and they dress
the same, and they didn’t even try. And
they don’t notice but they are walking
in step and they are leaning into each
other, and even if they aren’t holding
hands, their fingers keep brushing. And
when you talk to a couple, you can tell
the second you meet them that they are
together, because they laugh at the same
time and they talk similarly. And it
isn’t because they are trying to copy one
another, they are just so perfectly fit
that they sort of put the good parts of
themselves together to make one big,
happy two headed person.
I like that.
I like looking at people in love.
Real love is this magical, warm nest that
you build…

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