The Champ

Why do you think every single soul in the world knew who Muhammad Ali6tag_040616-101148was. Because of his boxing skills ? His titles ? His knockouts ? No, those were nothing compared to his heroic acts for his society, humanity and religion. There were boxers with more titles and more accomplishments. But there was one Ali. The charisma he had was something else. His name echoed through out generations and countries. I remember growing up hearing his story and heroic accomplishments inside and outside of the ring. They say that even in the jungle, every creature knows who Ali and Tyson are. Its not because he was the most perfect boxer, he was the perfect inspiration. Ali a Brand that will never be forgotten. His name will still inspire coming generations as it has inspired the previous ones. My heart goes to your family and His Fans.  To the greatest of all time Rest In Peace ✌ Champ.
Muhammad Ali

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