Men Silent Treatment

A lot of times men are silent in situations because they don’t have the ability to clearly express their thoughts in a way that women can understand and they always have to worry about a negative reaction possibly happening. Especially if it’s a situation where there is a lot of emotion like an argument or breakup.

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Women are extremely sensitive to negative comments from their man. So sometimes it’s better for a man to just shut up in a situation like that. I mean, look how many women argue with me on my page about what men think and go thru. And everything I post is clearly articulated and makes sense. So imagine what men deal with on a daily basis dealing with women. There is also the pride factor. Sometimes the male ego makes it very difficult to admit wrongdoing or take responsibility for something they’ve done. Especially if they feel that whatever they were doing was right or justified.images-19

If any adult feels that there is something that needs to be said to their partner they need to bring it up. Discuss it. That’s what adults do. Ending a relationship without knowing what was really going on or if it could have been worked out is always a big mistake. Communication works both ways and requires more than just stating your point. Listening with the purpose of understanding is the most important part of making a relationship last.

McOgutu &  Alusa , Picture courtesy of Increatives Kenya, Karura Forest

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